What Is the Cost of Living in Thailand?

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For tourists and expats, Thailand’s many areas each have something special to offer. Thailand can suit any lifestyle, from beach towns to busy metropolis, cultural hotspots to secluded retreats—at least as long as you enjoy the sun. Thailand’s general cost of living varies by area. However, some costs, including those for taxes, visa fees, and cellular service, are the same wherever you choose to live.


Your rental search strategy will affect your costs in part. While looking for a place like 3 bedroom for rent bangkok to stay on Airbnb and other booking services is handy, it has a cost. Search on Facebook Marketplace or, even better, on the ground to get the best deals, but don’t count on everyone speaking English. In Thailand, the cost of rent varies greatly from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Bangkok and its surroundings

Bangkok, the nation’s capital and hub of commerce, is unsurprisingly the most costly region. In the most coveted areas of Phrom Phong, Silom, Lumpini, and Sukhumvit—all of which make up Thailand’s financial and retail center—luxury flats on Airbnb may cost more than $3,500 per month. Penthouse apartments may cost upwards of $6,000 per month and include cleaning, a private pool, and panoramic views of the city. On Khaosan Road, where a respectable hotel room costs between $10 and $25 per night, travelers and backpackers typically rent rooms. Hostels provide shared dorms for as cheap as $2 per night if you’re on a tight budget.

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Monthly rentals also qualify for discounts. In Bangkok, a typical one-bedroom apartment costs $580 a month in the city center yet only $290 outside of it. The distance to the nearest metro station is one aspect that affects pricing. The price increases in direct proportion to how near it is to an MRT or BTS train station. With affordable rent and convenient access to the city, suburbs may now benefit from the expansion of public transportation.

For instance, the furnished unit we leased on Airbnb for $460 a month in a posh building close to a BTS station in the suburbs. By paying an owner directly, selecting an unfurnished flat, or agreeing to a longer lease, we could have been able to negotiate an even cheaper cost. Everything we required was included in the complex, which also included a restaurant, mini-store, fitness center, infinity pool, and workstation. We seldom had to leave because everything was on-site, which allowed us to avoid paying for transportation.