The Role of Science and Technology in Our Daily Lives

Many of us do not have photographs of our grandparents. People did not use cameras or cell-phones back then. There were just studios where we could get our photographs taken. Today, every home has at least one smart phone. This intricacy has been reduced as technology has advanced. Refrigerators, television, cell phones, computers, geysers, ovens, power, clothes, food, and other conveniences made available by science and technology. Smart phones have greatly decreased complications. We can pay online from wherever, make phone and video conversations, receive information about anything, and take images anytime we want.

Application of Science and Technology in Various Sectors of Life in Daily Life

  • Everything we utilise in our daily lives is a big contribution of science and technology. It has made our lives much easier. Previously time-consuming tasks have been simplified and completed in a short period of time. Brushing, cooking, washing, bathing, travelling, communicating, and so forth take less time to complete.

  • In Teaching & Learning, the classic study approach requiring the use of a board, chalk, and duster has been replaced by the smart class system. The visuals are also given with explanations, making the research more understandable. Students from remote places who are unable to attend classes can also take advantage of online programs. They have benefited from the development of computers and the internet as a technological gift from science.
  • In agriculture, older farming techniques have been superseded by modern technologies. Farmers’ workloads have been lowered by this technology. There are new agricultural techniques that can increase production. Machines such as harvesters, threshers, irrigation pumps, and soon have decreased labour on the farm.
  • In communication, science has enabled the development of technologies such as mobile phones, laptop computers, fax machines, telephones, and microphones. These innovations have made communication considerably smoother and quicker. It takes seconds to send texts and emails from one person to another. A person can maintain touch with people in other countries and continue to trade and grow. Communication with our loved ones and family members may be maintained without regard for distance.
  • In Transportation – Gone are the days when there were few modes of transportation and people had to travel for days to reach their destination. Nowadays, there are several trains, buses, automobiles, motorcycles, and planes for travel, making our travels shorter and more exciting. Science and technology have resulted in the development of several modes of transportation. Today, we may safely go to any location in India or the world.

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