Breast augmentation: the evolution of the ‘dual plane’ technique

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Breast augmentation has evolved a lot in recent years, to meet the increasingly demanding needs of patients. Today’s patients are not satisfied with the increase in breast volume, but want a natural and lasting effect; a Pamela Anderson-like result of a few years ago is no longer accepted and acceptable, where no attention was paid to the shape and naturalness of the new breast, but only the size was emphasized thailand medical tourism

However, guaranteeing a natural result is not always easy, also because the majority of women who wish to undergo this surgery have small or emptied breasts at the start. The problem in these cases is to give sufficient coverage to the prosthesis, to avoid excessive visibility under poorly represented tissues. The dual plane technique , literally “double plane” introduced by the USA a few years ago, meets this precise need. It provides for the positioning of the silicone prosthesis below a partially posterior glandular pocket, which covers the prosthesis in the lower quadrants. external, and partially retromuscular, which instead covers it in the medial and upper portion.

In practice, it combines the advantages of the two traditional breast implant positioning techniques, exclusively retroglandular or exclusively retromuscular. In this way, even if the patient chooses to increase the volume of the breast generously

Furthermore, despite the coverage of the muscle, modern breast implants allow the maintenance of an exceptional softness to the touch. It is essential to be very precise and accurate in the execution of the technique, to avoid problems such as rippling, or the formation of skin folds in the medial part of the two breasts, or synmastia, or the excessive release of the pectoral muscle with the consequent creation of a single pocket joined centrally.

The technique most used today for breast augmentation is the one that takes the name of Dual Plane. It is a decidedly less invasive method, considered as the evolution of the retromuscular technique.

The Dual Plane technique consists in the elevation  of the pectoral muscle using specialized devices which allow at the same time the positioning of the breast prosthesis  both in the submuscular site , in the upper part of the breast, and in the subglandular site  in the lower part, guaranteeing good expansion of the pole lower and therefore a good final result.

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