Are you an athlete? You must do these exercises.

weight belt with chain

Running is the best exercise for physical and mental health. Some exercises that could be added to your exercise program help to make your body stable and strong. They are weight lifting, squats, including weights using a weight belt with chain, lunges, monster walk, prowler push, and crawls.

Weight lifting

As a runner, positioning is very important. Most athletes face postural issues. A dead lift is the perfect solution to this issue. It helps to strengthen all your opposing muscles and your posterior chain. It helps to stay balanced in a position while running and reduces potential muscle imbalances.


Breathing is essential for life; while running, your heart beats at a high speed. It works fast, and your lungs need to work fast when your heart works fast. An athlete basically walks in slow motion, but their running speed is in high motion. It requires extra strength, mobility, and stability to run at a high speed constantly. So this weight and structural integrity exercise with hips, knees, and feet focuses on your lower body.


weight belt with chain

Squats are an exercise that offers mobility and strength all in one. For this reason, all the athletes begin with squats. This is beneficial for strengthening the glutes, quads, and lower back muscles, which aids in long-term stability. For excess benefit at lower time consumption, weight is added to the hip using a weight belt with chain.

Monster stroll

It’s a band looped around your legs. It may seem to walk easily when you are doing it. It feels like a burning sensation in the glutes. This is to make use of your glutes and stabilize your hips so that you can increase the distance between your steps.

Prowler push

This is a stretching exercise to increase your strength and endurance in your legs. and improve breathing efficiency. Instead of taking practice by running on hills, steps, or pushes, this exercise is a great training tool.


This exercise has neurological benefits for your body other than physical benefits. This is done by the opposite arm and hip at a time, as a cross pattern gives you strength and controlled motion.